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Acting Tips
Compiled and edited by Pat Souney (BFA, MA)
Pat is a teacher, director and acting coach.
Private lessons by appointment.
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House                        Where the audience sits

Raked                        Describing a slope or something at an angle

Proscenium (Pro)        The "picture frame" around the stage that the audience looks at

Ante Pro                     Something in front of the proscenium

Apron                        Down stage part of the stage that is below the proscenium and extends into the audience

Thrust                        An extension to the apron that juts out into the audience

Masking                     Scenic element that blocks the audience's view into the wings or flies

Wings                        Areas off stage right and left

Fly Loft (flies)            Area above the stage

Center Line                Imaginary line that runs up the middle of the stage perpendicular to the pro

Master Curtain           The curtain that is hung within the proscenium

Teaser                       Looks like a very short curtain and hangs horizontally upstage of th proscenium

Tormentors                Scenic elements on stage that are arranged vertically in the wings to create masking

Strike                         Remove from the stage

Drop                        (also called Backdrop) a painted piece of fabric that hangs to create a scene across the entire stage

Cyc                          (Cyclorama)  A neutral backdrop for a set - usually a blue sky

Rigging                     Equipment and materials used to hang, fly, or move scenery (including teasers and curtains)

Tie Line                    Cord (usually black) used for rigging

Pipes and Battens       Bars and very long boards hung above the stage for scenery and lights

Deck                        The actual stage floor

Cable                        Electric wire used for stage lighting

Instrument                Any stage (theatrical) light including:
Par Cans - used for bright semi-diffuse light (like an auto head light)
As well as Lecos, Fresnels, yc Lights, Strip-lights, and Source Fours

Lamp                        The "bulb" that goes into an instrument

Work Lights               Non-theatrical lighting used to illuminate the stage during rehearsals

House Lights               Lights that illuminate the audience